Pressespiegel – Nazis schaffen Deutschland ab

Wie wird der rechte Terror in der internationalen Presse behandelt? Hier ist eine sehr kleine Auswahl:

[…]Germany’s Nazi past makes right-wing militancy a particularly sensitive subject, yet experts have long warned of extremism among disenchanted young people in eastern regions of the country where unemployment is high and job prospects poor. At least 3 million people of Turkish origin live in Germany. Many came to fill West Germany’s labor gap after World War Two and helped deliver its “economic miracle”. About 81 million people live in Germany.[…] (Jerusalem Post, Israel)

[…]Fears that more neo-Nazi terrorist cells are waiting to strike have been fed by suspicions the National Socialist Underground may have had support from rogue elements in the security services. An intelligence officer was present at the gang’s killing of a Turk in 2004 but was eliminated from the original investigation despite having the nickname ”Little Adolf” owing to his views. (Sydney Morning Herald, Australien)

[…]In a chilling DVD left behind by the two men, Uwe Mundlos, 38, and Uwe Boehnhardt, 34, they admitted to the unsolved murders of eight men of Turkish origin and a Greek around the country between 2000 and 2006 as well as the policewoman. Police are examining possible links to other attacks targeting immigrants and Germany’s Jewish community over a 13-year period.[…] (Vancouver Sun, Kanada)

[…]For the German government, now is the time of reckoning. Remorseless investigation is needed. People need to be able to trust in the rule of law once more. The state must apologise to the relatives of the victims. Security needs to be reformed. We need to create the foundations for banning the slogan-mongers, the anti-constitutional NPD, the German National Democratic party, both in politics and substantive law. The democrats must not fail to protect the rule of law and turn back and combat Nazi violence.[…] (The Guardian, Grossbritannien)

“The Return of the Neo-Nazis” (AlJazeera)

[…]t was also determined that the neo-Nazis were cooperating with German special services, particularly with the Constitution Protection Service of Thuringia. Employees of the special service say that they lost the track of the gang after 1998. However, the German media say that the special service was covering the gang for years.[…] (Pravda, Russland)

[…]Federal prosecutors are now calling it a domestic terror organisation suspected of murdering the eight Turks and one Greek from 2000 to 2006 and fatally shooting the policewoman in 2007.[…] (Irish Independent, Irland)

[…]The case has also called into question the competence of Germany’s domestic intelligence agency.[…] (Taiwan News, Taiwan)

[…]The widening case has sparked a fierce debate over the government’s ability to protect the millions of immigrants who call Germany home, even as it seeks to attract more skilled workers from abroad. The Turkish Foreign Ministry released a statement on the issue on Monday as well and said the arrest of the members of the far-right group justifies concerns of Turkey and Turks living abroad over racist and xenophobic tendencies in Europe. The statement underlined that Turkey expects the German authorities to take every measure available against these extremist tendencies and exert utmost effort to shed light on the crimes committed by such extremists.[…] (Todays Zaman, Tuerkei)

[…]A trio of neo-Nazis recently linked to 10 hate murders were helped by other people now being sought by police, the chairman of Germany’s parliamentary intelligence committee said Tuesday in Berlin.[…] (IOL News, Sued-Afrika)

[…]The revelation that Germany was home to a lethal ‘National Socialist Underground’ with three members – two men and a woman – at its core shocked a country in which the far-right is largely fragmented and marginalised.[…] (Straits Times, Singapur)

The German government Monday admitted gross failures by the security services in dealing with a new brand of far-right “terrorism” after revelations of a decade-long killing spree by neo-Nazis.[…] (Daily Nation, Kenia)

[…]The case sent shudders through German society, which has struggled for decades to put the country’s Nazi era behind it. […] (New York Times, USA)

[…]The head of the Central Council of Muslims in Germany, Aiman Mazyek, said the problem of far-right “terrorism” had been “chronically underestimated” in Germany while the focus was on Islamic militants, in the daily Neue Osnabruecker Zeitung.[…] (France24, Frankreich)

“Young neo-Nazis bring back Nightmare” (Korea Times, Sued-Korea)

Germany ist in den Schlagzeilen. Das ist es meistens, wenn es a) um Fussball, und b) um Nazis geht. Das ist die schwere Last, die Deutschland nach dem 2. Weltkrieg mit sich traegt. Jegliches Aufkeimen von Fremdenfeindlichkeit und/oder Nationalsozialismus wird aufmerksam verfolgt

Man bedenke, dass ich nur nach den Nachrichten in der englischen Sprache gesucht habe. Ich gehe davon aus, dass sich die Medien mit diesem Thema ausfuehrlicher in der eigenen Landessprache beschaeftigen.

Herr Sarrazin, genau so schafft sich die Exportnation Deutschland, die sich im  internationalen Wettbewerb um die hellsten Koepfe befindet, ab. Ich hatte bereits im Januar 2011 nach Ihrem unsaeglichem Auftritt bei der BBC geschrieben:

[…]Ich kann mir gut vorstellen, wenn nun noch mehr Fachkraefte Deutschland meiden. Ich habe sehr lange in verschiedenen Laendern im Ausland gelebt. Und Nachrichten, wie z.B. rassistische Uebergriffe auf Auslaender, rechtsradikale Aufmaersche,  oder the ‘ugly German’, welches sie an die Deutsche Geschichte erinnert, sind die Renner in den Fernsehstationen. Mir selber wurde des Oeftern der Hitlergruss entgegengestreckt, als ich sagte, dass ich aus Deutschland komme.[…]

Lesetipp: Deutschlands Ruf im Ausland