Deutschlands Ruf im Ausland

Nachfolgend sind einige Reaktionen der Internationalen Presse auf die Aussagen von Thilo Sarrazin.

“Holocaust survivors from Israel, Europe, Australia, and the Americas will approach the German embassies in some two dozen countries to demand the immediate removal of Thilo Sarrazin,” said Elan Steinberg, Vice President of the American Gathering of Holocaust Survivors and their Descendants. “Sarrazin’s racist comments have not only offended us as victims of Nazi Germany’s brutalities, but are blackening the morally upright position of modern day Germany.” (Haaretz, Israel)

‘All Jews share a certain gene’: German banker sparks outrage with ‘stupid’ comments. (DailyMail, UK)

A creepy banker fleshes out the modern fascist (Sydney Morning Herald, Australia)

The Bundesbank head is in the spotlight again now, as he weighs how to react to remarks by another top German central bank official, Thilo Sarrazin, whose controversial comments about Muslims, immigrants and Jews have sparked public outrage in Germany.The Bundesbank’s board has condemned Mr. Sarrazin’s remarks. Mr. Weber cannot fire Mr. Sarrazin. Only Germany’s president can do that. But many are looking to Mr. Weber to speak out to protect the central bank’s reputation. (Wall Street Journal, USA)

In October, he also hit the headlines after saying that Turks were “conquering Germany in exactly the same way the Kosovars conquered Kosovo: with a higher birth rate.”. “A large number of Arabs and Turks in this city (Berlin) … have no productive function other than selling fruit and vegetables,” he added. (Independent Online News, South Africa)

Banker’s racist remarks denounced (Irish Times, Ireland)

German lawmakers blast banker’s remarks as racist (The Jakarta Post, Indonesia)

Germany’s central bank called on Thursday on the country’s president to fire one of its board members after he called immigrants unproductive and said that Jews had a special “gene.” (France24, France)

Bundesbank Executive Attacks Jews, Turks, Africans et al in Xenophobic Seizure (India Times, India)

“From an economic point of view we don’t need Muslim immigration in Europe,” Mr Sarrazin, 65, who is also a member of the opposition Social Democratic Party, wrote in the book. “In every country Muslim immigrants cost the state more in terms of their low employment and high use of welfare benefits than they generate in added economic value.”  (The National, United Arab Emirates)

Bundesbank Looks to Remove Sarrazin over comments he made about immigration and Jews. (Asia Breaking News)

A German Racist, Official Of German Central Bank Under Fire Over Anti-Immigrant Slurs (Modern Ghana, Ghana)

German banker’s racist remarks spark outrage (CBC News, Canada)

German government leaders yesterday condemned a central bank executive for making anti-Semitic remarks before the publication of his book on Monday that takes a critical look at Turk and Arab immigrants. (Gulf Times, Qatar)

Comments by German on Minorities Are Criticized (New York Times, USA)

German central bank to seek board member’s dismissal in dispute over race comments (Los Angeles Times, USA)

Da ich selber im Ausland lebe, kann ich nur sagen, dass sich Einige, die immer noch Vorurteile gegenueber Deutschland aufgrund seiner Geschichte haben, bestaetigt fuehlen, dass sich die Deutschen ‘niemals aendern’ werden. Wenn man bedenkt, wie exportabhaengig die deutsche Wirtschaft ist, und wie die internationale Presse rassistische Vorkommnisse dieser Art in Deutschland in sich aufsaugt, dann helfen auch Menschen wie Thilo Sarrazin und seine Anhaenger, Deutschland sich ein Stueckchen abzuschaffen.

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